POEMS Jenny has had several pamphlets and books published, including: Selected Poems: Revised & New, Brimstone Press, 2013, 216pp, ISBN 978-1-906385-40-8 Neptune's Daughters, Expansions Unlimited Nottingham, 1999, 45pp, ISBN 1-900410-05-2  The Wisdom Tree, University of Salzburg, 1993, 245pp, ISBN 3-7052-0626-5 • A Few Uncollected Poems Shanklin Rain / The Host of the Holly / Tempest / Camaraderie in the Margins / On the Other Side / Crouch / Not Knowing / Chiaroscuro / Out of Its Element, Nothing Can Flourish / Gawn / I Am Swift Purpose • Poems from Selected Poems: Revised & New Idyllwild, California / Wester Ross / Triassic Coast / After the Teriyaki / Allowing It To Loosen / Playing with Air  • Poems from Neptune's Daughters Life Review / Art Deco, Miami Beach / Breaking Free / Neptune's Daughters / November 2nd / All Hallows / To a Young Girl   • Poems from The Wisdom Tree Derelict / The Cleansing / The Contentious Wife / William and Stella / The Nursery / Memoir / Moat House Olveston / East • Some of the poems that have appeared in GreenSpirit Wind versus Sun / Beech Owl Barn / Perdita / Rapport / June / Marianne / Chinese Angelica / Whitby  Jenny is grateful to all those who have encouraged her, especially the poet Fred Beake.  Many of the poems are surreal, some drawn directly from dream imagery: others capture the spirit of a person or place.  Influences include Hebridean song and the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath. Poetry Salzburg is an English language poetry press, originally founded by James Hogg in 1971 as the University of Salzburg Press.