POEMS Jenny has had several pamphlets and books published, including: Dreamlines, Emoter’s Gap, 2021, 111pp,         ISBN 9798705088645 Selected Poems: Revised & New, Brimstone Press, 2013, 216pp, ISBN 978-1-906385-40-8 Neptune's Daughters, Expansions Unlimited Nottingham, 1999, 45pp, ISBN 1-900410-05-2  The Wisdom Tree, University of Salzburg, 1993, 245pp, ISBN 3-7052-0626-5 • Poems from Dreamlines Shanklin Rain / The Host of the Holly / Tempest / Camaraderie in the Margins / On the Other Side / Crouch / Not Knowing / Chiaroscuro / Out of Its Element, Nothing Can Flourish / Gawn / I Am Swift Purpose • Poems from Selected Poems: Revised & New Idyllwild, California / Wester Ross / Triassic Coast / After the Teriyaki / Allowing It To Loosen / Playing with Air  • Poems from Neptune's Daughters Life Review / Art Deco, Miami Beach / Breaking Free / Neptune's Daughters / November 2nd / All Hallows / To a Young Girl   • Poems from The Wisdom Tree Derelict / The Cleansing / The Contentious Wife / William and Stella / The Nursery / Memoir / Moat House Olveston / East • Some of the poems that have appeared in GreenSpirit Wind versus Sun / Beech Owl Barn / Perdita / Rapport / June / Marianne / Chinese Angelica / Whitby  Jenny is grateful to all those who have encouraged her, especially the poet Fred Beake.  Many of the poems are surreal, some drawn directly from dream imagery: others capture the spirit of a person or place.  Influences include Hebridean song and the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath.